Вышло обновление для популярного Unit Pack для Supreme Commander FA версии 1.92

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Version 1.92:
— Aeon pop up turrets are working correct again
— Cybran Drone Carrier doesnt auto attack anymore
— added range ring to absolver
— reduced muzzle velocity of Vulcanizer to 80 (from 100)
— increased range of cutter to 20 (from 1Cool
— increased mass and energy costs of Crusher
— reduced rateoffire of Brick to 0.21 (from 0.25)
— reduced damage of Percival to 1200 (from 1400), also increased mass costs to 1180 from 1080
— increased speed of Chimera to 2.05 (from 1.85)
— fixed UEF ACU engineer suite (finally Very Happy)
— increased Damage of Mongoose to 40 (from 20), also decreased muzzleSalvoSize to 8 (from 10) (primary weapon)
— increased Damage of Hoplite to 80 (from 60)
— added advanced jamming for radar jamm units like the UEF frigate or Mongoose.
— readded visible plasma ball for the cybran tactical missile defence
— increased rateoffire of UEF and Cybran tactical missile defences a lot
— decreased accuracy of T1 and T2 anti air defences



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Совместимость: FA

Установка: стандартная

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