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Исполнение: 9

Баланс: 9

Качество: 9

FunFactor: 10

Стабильность: 8

Творческий потенциал: 10

 Простота установки: 10

Итого: 9.3

Версия 1.0


Перевод мода ЗАПРЕЩЁН. Авторы…



Armed to the teeth, the Juggernaut Battle station serves as a riot control vehicle and as an assault vehicle plowing through enemy formations and bases, after seeing its destructive abilities and weapons the Juggernaut earned the nickname, Carnival Wagon of Death.

EbolaSoup wrote:
Okay, I want some details on that Juggernaut. It looks like the Carnival Wagon of Death just pulled into town.

The Bismarck Class Dreadnought carries 4 experimental Cannons dubbed Z-Cannons by the UEF designers. Each cannon fires concentrated Anti-matter which results in a small thermonuclear explosion. The Bismarck also has 12 Dual Barrel Deck guns, 4 Flak cannons, a TML and TMD.

Advanced Air Staging:
The Advanced Air Staging Yard is used as a front line repair/refuel station for both air and naval units; comes equipped with Flak, Torpedoes and an Area Bubble Shield.

Mobile Mortar Bot. Capable of firing sensory shells at long range while moving.

Advanced Mobile Anti-Air unit. The Cougar is armed with dual high precision AA Gatling cannons, capable of hitting even the faster high-end planes.

TH-104 Avenger:
The main role of the Avenger tank is to hunt other tanks, it powerful cannon allows it to take on nearly any low tech unit, it can deploy to act as a Point Defense as well.

The Goliath is one of the newest UEF war machines, armed with a pair of Heavy Flamethrowers, Tac Missiles and some Point Defense lasers; the Goliath is not to be underestimated.

Knox Class:
Advanced Radar Attack Frigate, armed with a dual barreled Gauss cannon, a SAM, and Anti-Torpedo Depth charges. Is also Equipped with Omni Radar, Radar, and Sonar.

The Illuminate can ferry large amounts of units across the battlefield. This special transport makes up for is lack of armor with a teleportation device.

The Acolyte Air-To-Ground-Missile fighter is capable of firing 4 homing missiles at ground targets. The missiles carry enough fuel to ensure that they hit their marks.

The Aria Heavy Point Defense fires a spread of sonic waves, if the sonic wave makes contact with the unit it will pass through and continue to damage other units.

Heavy Hover Tank, sporting a powerful Oblivion type cannon and a pair of side mounted Obsidian Cannons, the Wraith is a deadly weapon.

Advanced Mobile Anti-Air unit. The Redeemer carries safely inside its covers a modified anti-air variant of the powerful Serpentine missile.

Advanced Air Staging:
The Advanced Air Staging Yard is used as a front line repair/refuel station for both air and naval units. Comes equipped with a new AA defense, Torpedoes, and can build aircraft.

This advanced submarine has no weapons of its own, instead it launches several Ariel and underwater attack drones to attack the enemy.

A potent weapon of mass destruction, the Artemis is to be feared. When attacking, the Artemis builds and collects nuclear energy in its reactors high above the ground. It then releases the energy in the form of a gold colored bolt, which impacts the ground and explodes with the power of a nuclear device. If the bolt is intercepted with a SMD then the bolt explodes in the air damaging the Artemis. The charge sequence and color of the bolt have some calling it, Golden Lightning.

Messiah Class:
Advanced Attack & Sensor Frigate, armed with 3 dual barreled Quantum Cannon, Cluster torpedoes, and Anti Torpedo defense. Is also equipped with Omni Radar, Radar, and Sonar.

Ambush Assault unit. The Scorpion is able to become invisible to both Radar and Visual Sensors when standing still, allowing it to ambush unsuspecting enemy formations.

Long Range Artillery Unit. The Hailfire fires a salvo of rockets at the target, which then break up into several smaller bombs showering the area with explosions.

The Reaper serves as an escort and a battlecriuser, capable of fighting every type of enemy.

Pride of the Cybran Navy, the Seadragon Class Dreadnought is armed with 2 X Class Rail Cannons, several deck cannons, AA, and torpedoes. Enemies shake in fear at the sight of this vessel.

The Vanisher is the Cybran's Tier 3 transport, equipped with Cloak Field Generators, it can become very useful to a clever Commander.

The Gargantuan Experimental transport, capable of transporting a small army to the front lines or behind a well fortified enemy position. Can also provide adequate air support.

Fires lightning from its many orbs at the enemy, the electrical interference caused by the weapons disrupts enemy sensors in a small area.

Advanced Air Staging:
The Advanced Air Staging Yard is used as a front line repair/refuel station for both air and naval units. Comes equipped with Flak, Torpedoes and Radar/Sonar Stealth and a Cloak field.

Advanced Mobile Anti-Air unit. Utilizing a crude but effective target painter the Bouncer can lead its missile salvo even to the fastest advanced aircraft. It can also use its missiles as anti-ground rockets without guidance.

Heavy attack sub. Armed with the latest and most advanced torpedoes from the cybran Navy. Uses twin bolters when surfaced and come equipped with a Torpedo Redirection System.

Aries Class:
Advanced Attack &Sensor Frigate, armed with a Microwave laser cannon, a Hailfire Rocket Battery, Nanite Torpedoes, and Torpedo defense. Is also equipped with Omni Radar, Radar, and Sonar.

The ultimate force of the Cybran Military. The Basilisk is a very deadly weapon capable of a Siege mod or Assault mode. While in Siege mode it becomes stationary and fires waves of missiles and plamsa artillery at then enemy. While in Assault mode it uses and Experimental Stun Cannon on its back Missiles and a pair of Gattling Bolters. It is able to use the Anti-Air Laser emitters while in both modes.

This Quantum Rift Archway can stabilize a rift to the Quantum realm. Once this is done a Seraphim Commander can summon an endless amount of reinforcements from the other realm, however the rift takes a considerable amount of energy to maintain stability.

The Lambda Field Generator is a device that can generate a field to repel enemy fire. This structure also acts as a Tier 4 Point Defense armed with a devastating two Quantum Storm Cannons.

After seeing the usefulness of Siege Assault bots, the seraphim attempted their own design, incorporating a Dual Tau Cannon, TMD and a Lambda Field generator the Ha-alsheen Yya is a very deadly weapon.

Advanced Mobile Multipurpose unit. Using an uncontained power generator core the Uyanah can unleash powerful and swift lightning strikes at aerial targets. It can also generate a secondary flux to a grounded target.

The Vishathal-Atah is an advanced transport with weak armor it makes up for this with its large carrying capacity, a limited Lambda Field System and its speed.

The Advanced Air Staging Yard is used as a front line repair/refuel station for both air and naval units. It has a shield to protect the aircraft while refueling and launches repair and defense drones to help defend itself, also has torpedoes and torpedo defenses.

Armed with high yield missiles and a pair of shield disruptors the Niishlyoo can take on large groups of enemies and break through even the toughest shields with ease.

Heavy Assault & Advanced Sensor Frigate, this unit is heavily armed for naval combat; armed with 3 Shie-eih Auto-Cannons, 2 Ultrachromatic Beam Generators, 2 Losaare AA Autocannons, and an Unstable Phason Generator. It also has Radar, Sonar, and Omni sensors and is capable of submerging itself underwater.

This unit was built for the sole purpose of bombarding fortified bases where the Cruiser or Destroyer proved to be ineffective. Its slow turret speed makes it less effective at hitting fast mobile targets, allowing faster ships to close in and engage.

High end naval unit. Armed with 3 heavy Quarnon Cannons, 4 anti-vessel beams and 4 AA Artillery cannon, as well as a building suite located in the aft of the ship; this beast made its appearance shortly after the Cybran and UEF coalition forces unleashed the Bismarck and Seadragon against the seraphim. This vessel holds 2 experimental canons, that when impact is capable of summoning Energy Being similar to the one made by the Ythotha, though considerably weaker.

Gameplay & Balance Changes:

Experimental Changes:
All experimental units are now only buildable by SCUs and any ACU with the T4 engineering upgrade. All experimental unit cost were decreased slightly, and some properties were increased slightly; will post complete changes in time.

New Air Balance:
T1 air-
Air scouts-speed increased to 24
Interceptor- Max air speed increased to 18. Energy Increased to 2500 mass increased to 65, fuel reduced.
Bombers- Max speed increased, Fuel reduced
T1 Transports- Speed increased to 15
T1 Gunship (Cybran)- fuel reduced slightly

T2 Air-

T2 gunship- decreased speed when out of fuel(that’s it)
T2 Torp Bombers- reduced buildtime to 1400 and decreased fuel.
T2 fighter/bombers- decreased cost to 350 mass and 7200 energy and 1600 buildtime reduced fuel
T2 fighter(aeon)- Decreased cost to 300 mass and 7000 energy and 1600 buildtime reduced fuel
T2 Transport- Increased HP to 4000 added a small HP regen and increased fuel.

T3 air-
T3 Spy Plane- Hp set at 1000, vison radius set to 80 and radar radius set to 100
Cybran and seraphim Spy planes sonar set to 100
T3 ASF- HPs set to 2000, new cost is now 600 mass, 35000 energy and 4500 buildtime, reduced fuel
T3 bombers- Aeon and seraphim untouched, Cybran and UEF increased AA DPS
T3 transport(UEF)- HP reduced to 3500 and shield HP increased to 4500

T3 gunships- Cybran and UEF buildtime reduced to 8000 added bubble shield to UEF gunship fuel reduced

Restorer- HP reduced to 5800 fuel reduced

Omni Changes: These are some changes from one of my favorite mods from SC, those of you who remember Exavier_Macbeth’s mod pack will know what I’m talking about
— All Omni Radar Omni radius decreased from 200—>150
— Vision radius on all Omni Radars increased to 50
— All Omni radar on spy planes reduced from 30->20

Naval Changes:Like many people I felt that naval was just too damned long to effectively build.
-All naval Units have gotten a 30% Build Time reduction, cost is the same, excludes Experimental units.

ACU Upgrades:
-Anubis Shoulder Cannons: Adds a pair of powerful cannons mounted on the ACU’s shoulders.
-T4 Engineering upgrade: Further increases the ACU’s build category, as well as increasing buildspeed and health
-Electromagnetic Accelerator: An Add on to the Microwave Accelerator. Available after a Commander Equips himself with a Cooling Accelerator.
-T4 Engineering upgrade: Further increases the ACU’s build category, as well as increasing buildspeed and health
-Disintegration Emitters: Creates a field around the ACU that will slowly corrode enemy units inside the field over time. Can also be upgraded again for increase range and affect
-T4 Engineering upgrade: Further increases the ACU’s build category, as well as increasing buildspeed and health

-Omega Supercharger: Triples the power output and blast radius of the Overcharge weapon. Can also be upgraded a second time to increase the max range of the Overcharge weapon.
-T4 Engineering upgrade: Further increases the ACU’s build category, as well as increasing buildspeed and health


Head Cybran Commander
Mod author and founder
Modeler and Coder

R&D Specialist
Mod Co-leader
Modeler and Animator

Aeon Prototype Troubleshooter
Beta Tester
Ideas giver.

Locomotion Specialist

Seraphim Prototype Troubleshooter
Beta/unit tester
Idea guy.

Resin_Smoker for his drone scripts, and for allowing them use by the community

Kirvesnaama: For allowing me to incorporate his excellent mobile T3 AA into this mod.

CoverJaguar: for making the Visual Cloak effects for Vanilla Supreme Commander.

Exavier_Macbeth: for teaching me how to code, and for some original unit ideas and inspiration.

Совместимость:Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

Совместимость с другими модами: AI Sorian


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